Italian language

Italy used to be hundreds of different countries every city in some areas was a different country, they would have a little tiny petty kings who had a tiny little kingdoms now there wasn’t a whole of communication after Rome fell between all these cities they all started from Latin and Latin eventually began to corrupt in Sisli there was a language born called chilly autumn siciliano was the trade language spoken by all Sicilians and then they would each have their own dialect in Catania it’s cotton as a in the center of the Italy near Caltanissetta will be something entirely different.

The tiny town still speak in their tiny dialect they switch to Italian for if you don’t understand it which can be very very different even though the diet though it’s a dialect its very much a different language in each city I speak n siciliano because serving in Sicily is my mission I was in puya the heel of the boot for a little while who use a was impossible for me to understand it sound like some African language, but siciliano in Italian Him is louie her lay you guys would be voy,

Us is knowing and then, hem Laurel Laurel but it’s a chilly otto him eju her eacha you guys about three us, now three them close out three so words change almost beyond recognition some cases but, fortunately they have a national language, now when God about to concord Italy he took basic Italian Florentina pretty much from Florence and he’s change a few things and said you may now speak this and they said ye sir.