Famous Italian literature works: short story

Italian literature is very rich like its own history. Famous Italian artists can be listed with pages that it can become a book when you include their best works and achievements received. Writers are distributed in different genres of literature and each of them are more than one in each category. Let us take a look at the titles of short stories written by one writer Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher.

Some of the short stories he have written that belong to the category of short stories about friendship are the inseparables young migrants, Syria war: the story of Ashur and Lilith and World Cup 2014 final of the losers.¬† Short stories that Ghebreigziabiher are entitled terminally ill patients video story of Tom, The girl that doesn’t age Brooke Greenberg: the secret, Nazi perfect Aryan child is a Jewish girl: the story¬†and Ugliest dog in the world: thank you speech. These short stories are originally written in Italian and was translated into English.

There are many more classification of short stories written by the author above like short stories about immigration, human rights, morality, love, racism, diversity, and even climate change and global warming. Many more artists like him have written many short stories that have same classifications and they also have more in other classification enumerated above. They have their own style but the uniqueness of Italian literature influence each of them. Some may pop over to this website to see what it offers.