Literature, Beauty of arts in poetry

Let’s think about  the experiences that knocks us off balance both the good love birthday, joy and the devastating loss death and pain, I explore how we poets give form to these experiences with our poetic tools, utilizing, poetries precision vision to play to move console and inspire.  One of the lessons that teaching taught me is that not only are we link by these experiences that knocks us off balance but also link by the fact that we could explore these experiences in poetry


Through poetry we can gain from our poetic explorations. Everything you need to write a poem because it is to show you that you already have all the tools that you need in order for you to write a poem, the experiences of love and joy the loss of joy and pain and the tools to put a twist on one of the worlds most famous poems you’re a poet and I’m about to show it, then how do I know you’re really a poet?  


It is because I know you,  then let’s talk about  poetry, we can return to our own two line and revised them to heighten the music though alliteration assonance and rhyme alternatively you may work to diminish the music of a better suit you desired effect  here is my developing palm, your silent phone is a poker game played in a blizzard, and here are my line to heighten the music your telephone silence is poker played with invisible cards in a blizzard, note how I added a striking literal ass by changing silent phone to telephone silence, these are merely short ways to make up a changing poems lines in a poems.