Renaissance change the world of Italian literature

After the fall of ancient Rome before, the rebirth of the renaissance centuries have been swept under the rug, these are the dark ages, these would have been a  tough time to live in Roman empire crumbled was besiege by famine plague, persecutions and war so persistent, it was only interrupted by a piece half of the people you know today were dead tomorrow, you can’t even bury them on, but beneath this book of the darkness, were scattered rays of light men and women

The world around them descended into hell ultimately these scholars would illuminate the long dark night and propel Europe toward a new dawn brighter than any had seen in a thousand years , August 24 410 AD  the empire falls, Rome a city so long in its own destiny  and the world is invaded by a band of dirty sweaty smelly sons they are the Visigoths a terrifying assortment  of humans from the north eastern frontier and they have come to declare the death of the Roman domination. Tooth problems? Don’t worry anymore,  there is a medical company that will help you solve your dental problems, check this Asian character link  . Giving you the confidence smile always.

from this point of time many people died because of this kind of event, the dark ages is the most brutal and inhuman killings is innocent men and women, the leading case in this torture is the Papacy, the Popes who are the leaders of the Roman catholic church, for in that time rumor has spread out that witches and magic crafts or dark power is said to have spread but there is no right evidence to show there are really such kinds of peopleThanks to media agency to brings us these information for compose these series of stories.