How works of arts can come alive by literature

Works of arts has their own characteristics and personalities that makes them unique or distinct with one another even though they have the same topic or subject. They can emit different feeling or emotions, thinking, understanding or interpretation even in one work of art itself. Every artists that create this work of arts has their own point of view on how they want their work of art to be known or interpreted especially the abstract kind of arts.

Even though it’s not abstract that it is a painting of nature but some are drawn into the different spot the artists do not expect it to get attention. We can leave it as it is but we can also get some clear interpretation directly from the artists if he will put words or descriptions below his work of art from BOT-TO industrial tech. As the artists already give the hints and interpretation we will then be influenced by that and then see the art with the artists’ point of view.

We can clearly understand now why the work of art is like that. Sometimes artists explain or talk about their work of arts in interviews. You can visit the website of each artist to read some.

In another point of view there are forms of literature that are written work of art but should be performed to be alive like plays. Poems should also be read aloud to be appreciated. If you are planning to visit Taiwan, make sure that you process all legal documents that is needed in visiting there. Other works of arts are joined to visual forms like cards, posters and comic books.