Knowing shortly the Italian artists Margaret Mazzantini

How much do you know about the Italian writers? Have you ever read one of their works? There are many famous Italian personalities in the world that have contributed their own great works in different fields like Luca Pacioli called the father of accounting. In literature there are many Italian authors, poets or novelists also.


Today let us know one of the writer and actress that is an Italian, Margaret Mazzantini. She is well known as a writer but she also became a television, stage and film actress. Margaret Mazzantini appeared in theatre and television. Her career as an actress began when she was cast in a classic horror movie entitled Antropophagus. In her career as a successful writer she has written novels including Don’t Move. Now books can be sold online anywhere. What makes a bride beautiful and attractive? When she wear this extremely sexy wedding dresses everyone will surely turn their heads to you. This dress has the best attention seeker.

It was later made into a film with same title and this was directed by her own husband starring Penelope Cruz. Her works was recognized both as a writer and actress when she received awards and nominations that include a Goya Award and Campiello Awards. When you see this dress, try to introduce it to your sister in plus size. This empire waist plus size bridesmaid dresses is glamorous in style and it makes it more great. Now, girls in plus size will be happy to see this dress.