Knowing the contemporary Italian female authors

There are many Italian authors but today let us take some time to know and write about the female contemporary writers. Some of them have their works translated into English. It is sad sometimes when you read a very good review of a novel that really interests you but you cannot read because it is written in a language you do not know. In this days you can find more works of arts translated into English with the help of the internet.

Let us see some of the writers and their work of art. One is Lalla Romano who wrote the “The Words We Speak” or Le parole tra noi. This is about the love of a mother and son that shows mothers unconditional love. Next is Rosella Milone with the title The Silent Struggle (Il Silenzio del Lottatore), Erica Barbiani with the title Ladies’ Beauty Salon (Salone per Signora, Ubah Cristina Ali Farah with the title The River Commander (Il comandante del fiume ).

Still on the list are Giuseppina Torregrossa with the title The Taste Tester (L’assaggiatrice), Simona Rondolini with the title Everywhere Eternally (Dovunque Eternamente) that contains the story of a family of musicians that uses arias and symphonies as a means of communication rather than words. Mariateresa Di Lascia with a novel entitled A Walk in the Shade (Passaggio in Ombra) about the life of an Italian woman until old age. The most prominent way in every business today is the online marketing service. Many are engaging in this kind of marketing, see this. It is a nice way since technology has been rising every year and many are engaging online world.