Remembering the middle ages poet Dante Alighieri

Dante Alighieri is a well-known poet during the middle ages. If you will search the internet you can find many writings about him. Then why was he that famous? Do we know even one of his poems in this time? If he will be mentioned to you will you immediately remember something about him? If you are an Italian I think you can answer yes to one of this questions. But for those who do not have much idea about history and especially literature of the world then he cannot answer one question asked above.

For that reason let us know and remember poet Dante Alighieri. He is considered the greatest among the Italian poets and a belonging to the list of the world’s greatest poets.  His history or life is not simple and plain but he is also active in religious, military and political affairs of his country while doing his own literary works. He have written many pieces of art but his work entitled The Divine Comedy is considered his greatest poem ever written by him. He also wrote a book.

Dante Alighieri was born on June 5, 1265 in Florence, Italy to a middle class family. When he was young he already began to write poems and like lyrics. Dante Alighieri fell in love at a young age that influence one of his work. One researcher of 無人搬運車 have mentioned him and hence this article.