The well-known Italian personalities in entertainment industry

Entertainment is an industry that employs and covers every nation, language or culture around the world. Entertainment industry can let artists have a very high salary and fame that most human beings desire. There are many steps and ways one can take to be able to be recognized as a talented person that deserves a break in the entertainment industry. There are many kinds of performers today in this industry. If you just watch talent shows and competitions you can see solo, partner or groups performing their own kind of entertainment like dancing that has many categories, singing or performing magic.

Today also let us see some of the Italians who make it into this industry and became famous worldwide. One is the actor Robert De Niro. He received nominations and an Academy Award for Best Actor. Another actor is Jack Nicholson who won three Academy Award and many nominations. Leonardo DiCaprio who is known for his movie inception and Catch Me If You Can online business. Joe Pesci is in the list together with Joe Pantoliano who played various memorable roles in movies like The Matrix.

More lists are Anjelica Huston, Tara Reid, Blu Cantrell and Vin Diesel who is well known for his role in the movie Furious. The famous John Cena well known as a WWE superstar who is also an actor is also of Italian descent credited from his father.