Italy’s is on a boot shape peninsula in the southern Europe along the Mediterranean Sea. It’s bordered by France, Switzerland, Slovenia and Austria. Italy also governs the independent state of Vatican City and the tiny Republic of San Marino.  The city of Rome is in the middle of Italy.

Rome is Italy’s capital and its largest city. Rome is an ancient city and of the great symbols of European civilization. From its humble beginnings, collection of farms along the banks of the Tiber River the city of Rome grew into one of the world’s greatest empires. Rome’s Golden Age was over 2000 years ago and 27 BC Augustus Caesar the nephew of Julius Caesar came to power and brought with him the Pox Romina or Roman Peace. The Pox roman was over 200 year period where Rome wasn’t at war with anyone. The Roman Empire thrived during this time and grow as large as it would ever be recovered.  Roman Legions protected trade route on newly built roads and the roman fleet ruled the seas grain. All kinds of treasures fleeted the Rome at time.  The Roman Empire spreading its power spread Latin as a common language. As well as promoting roman coins, architecture and culture.

Italy also had a share of the lime light in terms of literature. In Florence, the famous people like Michael Angelo. Leonardo Da Vinci, Rafael and Donatello started a spark of what is now known classical arts.

Italy is very rich not only in history but culture and tradition.

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